Social Distancing

This is a time in our history; that we’ve read about in books but didn’t think we would ever be in something like the great depression or a pandemic.The entire world is having the same conversation. We are having to take responsibility for ourselves and the spaces between us. No one knows how long this will last. Predictions are saying by the end of April or possibly the end of August. Schools have closed for the semester, businesses and restaurants have closed their doors, people forced to work from home, children with idle time on their hands and parents without a clue of what to do other than keep them busy. The word ‘normal’ has never felt so far fetched. Looking at this situation in fear will do nothing but bring us madness of the unknown.

What we can do is give ourselves a chance to reset. Our mind, spirit, and body. Align ourselves with mother nature. Know that the monotony of everyday boredom doesn’t have to strike as a negative. This is a time to get to know ourselves better. Work on the hobbies and things we say we never have time for anymore. Get in touch with the kid at heart and blissfully show gratitude. Take care of yourselves, Friends and know this is not the end but a beautiful beginning. Below is a link from NPR to inspire your idle time and make the most in this time of crisis. Stay positive and hopeful. Keep love at the forefront.