Wateree Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

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This meeting was laid down (disbanded) many years ago, but is of historic significance.

Camden, South Carolina was the sight of the Wateree Meeting and has a Quaker cemetery. A marker in the cemetery shows the location of the meeting house. There are a number of Quaker graves, nameless in the early tradition of Friends.

Camden's legend of the Catawba chief Haiglar who helped the Quaker settlers in 1753, is commemorated with a life-sized weather vane. The original is housed in the Camden Archives and Museum at 1314 Broad Street, (803)-425-6050, and a replica stands atop a store on Broad Street. The Archives is a popular stop for genealogical researchers.


The map below contains the Quaker Cemetery at the end of Meeting Street (going north from I-20 on Broad Street, US 521, turn left on Meeting), and the Camden Archives and Museum near the intersection of Broad and Rutledge Streets.