Program Robert Barclay Apology

Notes for September 27, 2009 Program on
A Brief Introduction to
Apology for the True Christian Divinity
Robert Barclay

Response to Wallace Article in Friends Journal

{jcomments lock} Terry Wallace, in his article,"Misunderstanding Quaker Faith and Practice " in Friends Journal, tried to correct what he sees as limitations of the unprogrammed Friends tradition, but I think he instead displayed a misunderstanding of the unprogrammed tradition, its opposition to creeds, its use of the Bible, and many other things.

Accepting Wallace’s Challenge

{jcomments lock} Note: Friend Jerry Rudolph and I have exchanged a series of comments appended to his January 2nd post, "Response to Wallace Article in Friends Journal" (see comments 3 and 4). What follows is a slightly edited version of my comment number 6, which I wanted to share more widely.

--Mike Shell

Podcast on Redemption

Jack Kornfield, an insight meditation teacher, provides an insightful talk entitled redemption, but which is much broader than the title suggests. It can be heard at

The Garden at Columbia Friends' Meeting House

At Columbia's new meeting house we are growning vegetables, fruit and flowers. Near the entrance, our butterfly garden offers a colorful welcome.