Video on the Bible from UK

See this interesting perspective on the Bible from Quakers in the UK
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Host Dennis Wholey for a conversation about Quakerism - beliefs and practices - with Deborra Sines Pancoe, member of the Religious Society of Friends in Philadelphia, PA

The Lighthouse

A tiny light is kept behind a glass

A shutter swings and squeaks against the wind

The stone is wrapped in vines, and weeds, and rain

At sea, the ships toss and tack, looking out

For light to guide them from the rocks, towards home.

Alone, asleep, the keeper lays, wrapped up

Against the cold, against the storm, eyes tight.

Up the stairs, behind the glass

Shuttered yet warm

The light waits to be tended

Against the storm.

--Peter Lehman

Parker Palmer on Violence

Parker Palmer: What I learned early on from some great teachers is that violence is not just a matter of dropping a bomb on someone or shooting a bullet at them or hitting them in the face. Violence is done whenever we violate the identity and integrity of the other. Violence is done when we demean, marginalize, dismiss, rendering other people irrelevant to our lives or even less than human. Violence is done when we simply don't care or don't look hard enough to evoke our caring for another.
Interview w/ Krista Tippet