SRS Pit Production EIS Comment

My father was a WWII US Marine Veteran who fought in the Pelelius. This Memorial Day, in honor of him and those who died for our country, I write this letter to comment on the Draft SRS Plutonium Pit Production Facility EIS.
Dad worked at Martin Marietta (Lockheed Martin) on various nuclear weapons during the Cold War. Before he died of cancer he told me they thought nuclear weapons were supposed to protect us, but he learned that creating them polluted our country and the workers had cancer and heart disease. He gave me his blessing to find a better way to protect our families, nation and world.
While we face the real threats of a global pandemic and climate change, the National Nuclear Security Administration appears to be working for the security of weapons contractors, not the security of our country. Violating legal requirements for a full Programatic Environmental Impact Statement involving the full combined environmental impact of all facilities in this nuclear bomb trigger production, they held a Virtual hearing for public comment because they don’t want to get sick while they seek funding to destroy life on the planet. It’s a bad jobs program creating radioactive waste and endangering generations into the future.
The Department of Defense and Department of Energy would better serve our country and honor those who died defending her by redirecting efforts and funding  to a sustainable economic recovery, creating efficient affordable housing, health care, clean drinking water, and an overhaul of the national infrastructure.
It is time to abolish nuclear weapons.
Joanne Steele
Nuclear Watch South
Board President

The start of the 2020 Savannah River Pilgrimage on Toxaway Mountain highest source of the Savannah River from the South Carolina fork of the watershed. Missing (because he took the picture) is Bob Brooksher. But his dog, RiverDog is in the shot, along with Jesse Steele, Nuclear Watch South board member Stephen Wing, James Sweeney, and Joanne Steele.