Book Group MAY 20th

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for our next book discussion!! 7 p.m. on Zoom

Friends are past meeting online book meeting on April 22nd was a success! Everyone shared what they have been reading.

A trilogy of Quaker-themed historical fiction by Ann Turnbull was discussed, especially because at least one (the second) is set in the time and place of the 1665-1666 London plague and London fire. The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ, compiled by Russian Vladimir Antonov and translated into English.  It can actually be found in two formats.

Other books reviewed were The Doors of Perception (Aldous Huxley), The Valiant Sixty (early Quakers), Starmaker, Non-Violence in America-A Documentary History, anda one-page synopsis of a Bowen Center Conference related to climate/human organization, etc.

Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson), Unbelievable (John Shelbie Spong), How to Be An Anti-Racist (Ibraham X Kendi), Crucible of Faith (Phillip Jenkins), Hope in the Darkness (Rebeka Solnit).

All of these great reads and as of marked on the calendar we will be discussing A New Earth by Eckhardt Tolle on May 20th (and read if you can; used paperbacks are available on-line.)