2017 Palmetto Friends Gathering

2017 Palmetto Friends Gathering

"Following the Inner Light: Spiritual Deepening and Activism"

Columbia Friends Meeting

120 Pisgah Church Road

Columbia, South Carolina 29204

March 17-19, 2017
Let your lives speak- George Fox (1624-1691); Live up to the light that thou hast and more will be given thee. Caroline Fox at age 21 (1819-1871)

One’s journey through life provides many opportunities to ‘go deeper’ and to let our lives speak through activism. How do these two strands stand alone and converge in our individual lives? In what ways have we been able to strengthen each for the betterment of the whole?

Marian on a dedicated bench at UNC Charlotte 
Marian Beane will share from her own life’s journey and invite others into the conversation so that all might grow deeper in spirit and in commitment to being active in our world.

Marian grew up in a Quaker family on an Iowa farm. Following graduate studies she was led to volunteer for two years at the Ramallah Friends School followed by a school term among Friends in Kenya. She will speak about her recent return visit 45 year later and her observations on what has changed and what is the same.

Her life’s work has been in providing guidance and support for international students at UNC Charlotte. Among Friends is an active member of Charlotte Friends Meeting, has served in leadership roles in Friends General Conference, Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Yearly Meeting, and recently joined the Board of Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR).

Marian will be available to also speak about the joys of forming of a new yearly meeting –Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting and the opportunities it has provided to be faithful in listening and following the Inner Light.


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Youth Program

Youth activities will be led by Elijah Miles (Eli) and will include games, reading circles, discussions, singing, movies, art, trails, and more.

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Youth Itinerary