Minute regarding refugees and immigrants

At a Called Meeting for Worship with Attention for Business, Ninth Month 24, 2017, CFM adopted the Durham Monthly Meeting’s minute (see below) as ours and agreed that as we use it we will credit the Durham Meeting.

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Columbia Friends Meeting Second Hour Program April 24, 2016

Discussion of Sustainability Minute Approved, FWCC, 2016, Pisac, Peru

Annex to the Minute:  Possibilities for practical sustainability action from the Pisas consultation

Individuals can:

1.       Dedicate personal time to nature.

2.       Reduce consumption and use your consumer buying power to create change.

3.       Cut down on meat consumption, be aware of energy costs in production and transport of all foods and methane from ruminant animals, support sustainable agriculture.

4.       Travel – cycle, walk, use public transport or alternatives to private cars, keep air travel to a minimum.

5.       Grow your own food and plant trees.

6.       Be politically active in promoting sustainability concerns.

7.       Share environmental concerns through books, publications, conversations, electronic media

8.       Reduce energy use.

9.       Use less water and harvest water.

10.   Make time for spiritual connection with God.

Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups and small groups within Meetings can:

1.       Live in a community, share housing, participate in a transition town movement.

2.       Educate yourself and others.

3.       Share transport and equipment.

4.       Develop urban agriculture, community gardens, community supported agriculture, tree planting.

5.       Love nature and encourage others to do so: we protect the things we love; get children out in nature; take care of nature around your meeting house (e.g., picking up trash/litter).

6.       Invest ethically and divest from fossil fuels.

7.       Ensure meeting houses are carbon neutral.

8.       Build alliances, seek visibility, approach legislators.

9.       Share sustainability skills.

Yearly Meetings can:

1.       Support the sustainability actions of Monthly Meetings.

2.       Build solidarity with local people.

3.       Support Quakers in politics and international work.

4.       Form support networks and alliances to make more impact – we can only do so much on our own.

5.       Invest ethically, including on sustainability issues.

6.       Practice what we preach.


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